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Who Is Who @BET – Monika Skowrońska Photo Monskoo


We already have the determination of Monica and the effects of her work - "She was born ready to rumble." OR When Monskoo takes a shot you can only look hot! Using the word “extraordinary” when talking about Monika it’s not even enough. She has an amazing tale...

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Baltica & Atlantic Tours – Partners in Crime


Olá! The winning streak continues. Let us share the good news through few simple words, which shows that Baltica is already too big to fit just within the Polish borders;) We would like to announce that in Vilamoura, on the southern coast of Portugal, during ...

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CSIO for Children, Juniors and Young Riders at Baltica Spring Tour!


For the second time in a row we are extremely pleased to announce that the Baltica Spring Tour will again host the CSIO for Children, Juniors and Young Riders in 2017. Our last year's debut as an CSIO Organizer for Children and Juniors met with big enthusiasm ...

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Ladies&Gentlemen, here is the game plan!


Plan on January 21st, goes as follows; your dance shall give a thrill, you will be dressed to kill, you won’t stop until you drop. The music coverage by an awesome polish singer Natalia Lubrano will complete the picture. Just imagine the scene; you sipping Bal...

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Qualifications for the World’s biggest Equestrian Events at Baltica Tours 2017


There’s one good advice that all of us should follow: “Stay focused, go after your dreams and keep moving toward your goals”. As an Organizing Committee of Baltica Tour we’ve taken care to give you some points that may show up as steps on the stairs toward you...

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